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Services and our Science


We develop applications for health and wellness market in collaboration with affiliated diagnostic centers and private practitioners. We enable professionals to use our applications and ehealth platforms to provide distance HealthCare Services to their patients. iWelli secure cloud-based solutions help doctors, nurses and care teams to monitor their patients’ health deterioration.Our prediction engine uses patient clinical, functional, behavioral, insurance claims and health data to support individualized healthcare plans for each patient. We enable patients to track their medical plan- exactly when they want – entirely from their phone. We created and support iwelli- Care package.


We provide customised services by consulting and technically supporting other companies such as private hospitals to become “Virtual ehealth Operators” and insurance companies to introduce e-health products in their portfolios. We can reduce the use of hospital services and save healthcare costs for our clients.We provide knowledge management and elearning services to organizations in the health and care fields.We use state-of-the-art technologies like Augmented Reality online games, serious games and game mechanics to enhance learning experiences.


We are conducting cutting-edge research and we are developing our proprietary technology. We continuously enhance our services, integrating state of the art technologies like intelligent recommenders, secure techniques, IoT applications, decentralized computing and advanced HCI approaches. We are collecting heterogeneous data (environmental, lifestyle, insurance claims, medical history, genomics) and we bring the power of machine-learning algorithms to help identify behaviors, deterioration of diseases and manage health plans. Our long term objective is to provide non-invasive diagnostic data tools that can help find health problems early, when the chances for treatment and cure are better.