Intelligent Electronic Health Records and Mobile Applications

If your health plan is a complex and painful process, we’ve built the infrastructure to help you manage that.

Iwelli clinic App can be classified into five different services:

  • ECG Assessment for Arrythmia, Ischemia, ANS Evaluation
  • Symptom Checker : Check, Record and analyse your Symptoms
  • Health Tracker and History Recording
  • Online Consultation: Communicate online with doctors and carers
  • Upload medical exams, select recorded data and send the data with just one button to your doctor

iwelli clinic App Benefits

  • Convenience – with online services such as secure messaging, viewing lab results, online consultations
  • Improved health outcomes through sharing your health information with healthcare providers and important individuals in your life
  • Stay on track of your health with health related reminders e.g. recalls
  • Empowers you to have an active role, through communication tools and access to your health information in the decisions relating to your health and wellbeing
  • Offers you peace of mind – if you require medical assistance your important medical information is accessible to emergency providers
  • Now with iwelli you can track and analyse your symptoms to detect Covid-19 infection
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