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Syndesis LTD in cooperation with ehealthUnit of IIT NCSR Demokritos were GateKeeper 2nd Open Call winners

IIT Demokritos Ehealth Unit which cooperates Syndesis LTD as third party, was chosen in the 2nd Open Call of the Gatekeeper project, the European Multi Centric Large-Scale Pilot focusing on smart driven data solutions for personalized early risk detection and intervention funded by HORIZON 2020 programme. Its main…

iWelli ClinicApp pilot study was awarded by the Hellenic Society for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Athens

A price was awarded to Mr. Maniotis Christos, Chantziara Cleo, Hatzis Dimitrios, Andreou Konstantinos, Kouvelas Konstantinos, Papadopoulos Konstantinos, Papadopoulos Homer, Anatsis Paschalis, Loukatzikou Anna, Pantazopoulos Ioannis for the Free Communication entitled “The digital age in medical practice with the use of a cardiograph of a…

Syndesis within the four awarded companies of the Open Innovation Challenge of the MSD Lebanon for digital solutions for oncologists

Digital Health Solution to Empower oncologists


SYNDESIS LTD is within the 24 European SMEs awarded in the framework of the INNOLABS 2nd Open Call. SYNDESIS LTD is within the 24 European SMEs awarded in the framework of the INNOLABS 2nd Open Call. Read more information here

The Clinic.iwelli.com application evaluated as one of the mature applications that can lead to directly applicable solutions against the COVID-19 pandemic.

SYNDESIS LTD participated with the clinic.iwelli.com application to the challenge GreeceVsVirus of the Ministry of Digital Governance aiming to pursue new innovative ideas to address the needs of the National Health System against the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more here


SYNDESIS LTD participates in the FED4FIRE test bed, exploiting the Fed4Fire set of tools to execute cloud computing experiment for broadband Smarter Heterogeneous healthcare use cases. Read more information here