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PHArA-ON Project

The overall objective of the PHArA-ON project (https://www.pharaon.eu/) is to provide support for Europe’s ageing population by integrating digital services, devices, and tools into open platforms that can be readily deployed while maintaining the dignity of older adults and enhancing their independence, safety, and capabilities.

The project will utilise a range of digital tools including connected devices (e.g., the Internet of Things, IoT), artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud and edge computing, smart wearables, big data, and intelligent analytics that will be integrated to provide personalised and optimised health care delivery.

Murcia Pilot in Spain

The Murcia pilot within the framework of the PHArA-ON project, aims to establish the basis of a new TeleCare Model for the Public Health Care Service of the region starting with patients with chronic heart failure, improving their health and care services and detecting emergency situations to reduce the dependency of older adults.

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) remain the leading cause of mortality and a major cause of morbidity in Europe. Multimorbidity older people present with cardiac disease often require complex long-term treatment.

Pilot project CardioNET

The pilot project CardioNET will be implemented within the framework of the Murcia Pilot in Spain and will implement and validate the Clinic.iwelli (https://clinic.iwelli.com/) technology.

This is a proven technology that has been implemented and validated in pilots and is part of the iwelli ecosystem of ehealth technologies. Clinic.iwelli will provide nonintrusive cardiac monitoring with a portable (Credit Card like) accurate and easy-to-use ECG device, for older individuals with heart problems like heart failure.

The older people utilising the same toolkit (mobile apps) will be able to monitor their blood pressure, weight and other Vital signs either using their own devices or adopting the Clinic.iwelli systems. The toolkit includes also AI algorithms that automatically diagnose AF and provide analytical data to the doctor.

The monitored data will be transmitted to the Pharaon Web Portal (an API will be utilised for that).

The whole pilot will consist of 30 older patients that will be equipped with ECG monitoring devices.

The CardioNET pilot implementation will provide convincing, data-supported evidence of the efficacy of the solution and its integration with the Pharaon platform.