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Our Vision

Our Vision is to design and apply Quantum Technology-based solutions across major health care domains, to prepare the Healthcare sector for the Post-Quantum Era.

We aim to change the landscape for digital powered healthcare applications by:

  • Addressing the challenges of a comprehensive digital healthcare ecosystem, by establishing correlations and inferences among heterogeneous data sources such as – medical records, clinical data, medical imaging data, and doctors’ prescriptions.
  • Exploiting Quantum Technology products and next-generation security solutions to become a leading developer of computer-resistant digital health services for cloud infrastructures and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our story

Syndesis has been founded by a group of Researchers coming from NCSR “Demokritos” with a well-established multidisciplinary scientific background and deep know-how of state-of-the-art ICT technologies and Physics.

Syndesis people have been actively involved in EU R&D projects for more than 20 years and are dedicated to high-quality research and development in the areas of AI and data management, digital health, network security, and algorithmic quantum computing.

Our range of services extends from analysis to consulting, conception, development, and integration of Digital systems, AI, and Quantum Technology solutions to training and support.

Track record of innovation


Our Products

Cyber Security Technologies
Intelligent Applications for HealthCare
Internet of Things Technologies
Knowledge Management Tools
Products Knowledge M-2
Knowledge Management Tools and Decision Support Apps
Internet of Things and Smart Home
Producst-Apps for Health-2 (2)
Intelligent Electronic Health Records and Mobile Applications
My project
Encryption Techniques

Our Network

Our Services and Science

Consulting and Project Management

We provide consulting services and knowledge management to HealthCare stakeholders in the security and digital healthcare fields. Our range of services extends from analysis to consulting, conception, development and integration of software solutions to training and support. Our expertise covers Artificial Intelligence systems, FHIR Electronic Health Records, and Quantum Technology systems. We provide knowledge management and elearning services to organizations in the health and care fields.

Design of security solutions for Healthcare Networks

Syndesis Ltd leverages the properties of quantum technologies to enable unhackable Healthcare communications. To secure the transfer of private health data over the cloud, Syndesis combines QKD and QRNG systems with Homomorphic encryption technology and Post Quantum cryptography to reach long-term confidentiality and integrity. Syndesis solutions contribute to more secure and highly interoperable EHR systems and provide end-to-end encrypted data storage and computation services where hybrid security can guarantee different real-life scenarios.

Development of Optimization and Machine Learning solutions

Syndesis is working with quantum algorithms (optimization algorithms - QUBOs in Annealing and Gate based NISQ computers and quantum-enhanced machine learning algorithms) for the healthcare domain. These algorithms will enable a range of disruptive use cases for health care providers and health plans by accelerating diagnosis, boosting personalizing medicine, and optimizing healthcare costs.

Technical Support Services for EHR customization and Installation

Syndesis assists companies to integrate e-health and knowledge management products into their portfolio. Syndesis provides customised services by consulting and technically supporting other companies such as private hospitals to become “Virtual ehealth Operators” and insurance companies to introduce e-health products in their portfolios. Syndesis customizes FHIR EHRs to be able to support SMART on FHIR applications for the healthcare market in collaboration with affiliated diagnostic centres and private practitioners. Syndesis augments electronic records (EHRs, PHR) with intelligent search engines capabilities able to index and look through specific domain knowledge to guide the optimal treatment and support of multimorbidity patients.

Digital Health and IoT applications and services

Syndesis designs and develops digital health applications focusing on multimorbidity patients with Cardiac problems. The EHRs clinic.iwelli.com and med.iwelli.com and the PHR mydata.iwelli.com ecosystem of cloud platforms are supported by the mobile iWelli Apps can provide a suite of digital services for patients and doctors. This ecosystem of technologies can enhance the diagnostic, prevention and disease management capabilities for multimorbidity patients with cardiac diseases. Homecare services are also supported by easily implemented IoT technologies.

Support Training and Coaching with Digital tools

We provide the technology and platforms for our customers to support their Training and Coaching services. Our range of technologies extends from elearning platforms to AI technologies to support training sessions.

Research and Development of cloud services and applications

Syndesis is conducting cutting-edge research and is developing proprietary technology. Syndesis is continuously enhancing its services, integrating state of the art technologies like intelligent recommenders, NLP algorithms, security technologies, IoT applications, decentralized computing, Quantum Computing and HPC applications. Syndesis is applying machine-learning algorithms in heterogeneous datasets (environmental, lifestyle, insurance claims, medical history, genomics) trying to identify behaviours, deterioration of diseases and manage health plans. Non-invasive diagnostic data tools that can help find health problems early, when the chances for treatment and cure are better is under development. Quantum sensing technologies to support this research are under study.

Consulting and Project Management
Security solutions for Healthcare Networks
Optimisation and Machine Learning Solutions
EHR customisation and Installation
Digital Health and IoT applications
Digital Tools for Training and Coaching


Working hours

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We are located at the Technological and Scientific Park of Attica “Leucippus” on National Center of Scientific Research “Demokritos” Patriarchou Grigoriou E’ & Neapoleos 27 Agia Paraskevi Attikis, P.O.Box 60037, 15310, ATHENS, GREECE

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